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Pet Boarding & Playcare

Boarding and Playcare 218-346-4104

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Neva Masquerade Cat
Dogs with trainer

How to book a Dog or Cat
boarding appointment!

1) Dogs need to be up to date on 3 vaccines (*RABIES, *DISTEMPER, *BORDETELLA) and have a physical copy ready for our files.
Cats need to be up to date on 2 vaccines (*RABIES and *DISTEMPER)
If we do not have the physical copy on hand before the stay takes place, we can not let your dog stay with us.


2) It is up to you to provide the vaccines records to us. There are 2 ways to do this
* You can bring in a physical copy
     * Email us            


3)  There is paperwork for first time clients that needs to be filled out prior to the stay. You can find the information here.


4) Once you have completed those steps and you have provided us with updated vaccines records and paperwork your dog will be all set to board with us! Any questions or concerns about the boarding just let us know! 

How to book a Playcare appointment for your dog!

To book a playcare appointment with us for your dog, you must go through the same process to board a dog.

* Dog must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age to go to playcare* 

For help booking call,

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