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An important part of a healthy lifestyle for dogs is the release of energy and socialization with other dogs.

Boarding and Playcare Phone Number

Why Playcare? When dogs are left alone all day it can lead to an unhappy dog with lots of built up energy. They can become bored when physically and Mentally unchallenged. improperly exercised dogs can lead to depression and undesirable behaviors
(ex: barking, chewing, digging, self-harm, and property damage).

Playcare can provide your playful dog an outlet for all their energy in an appropriate and supervised environment.

Backyard Playcare Benefits for your dog

paw print_clipped_rev_1.png
paw print_clipped_rev_1.png

Socializing - With other dog breeds and humans

 Separation Anxiety - A routine can help reduce your dog's separation anxiety.

Supervised Playtime - Your dog will enjoy all the playtime in a safe setting.

Exercise - Fun and exciting. Relief from boredom of staying home all day.

Routine - Like humans, dogs are creatures of habit too.

Change it up - Give your pet a break from barking at the mailman.

Tired at the end of the day - Just like you are spent at the end of a busy day, your dog will be too!


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Live Playcare Feed

Monday - Friday 7:15am - 6:15pm
Sat - Sunday CLOSED


7:15AM - 9:00AM: Arrivals, Check-ins
9:00 - 12:00: Playtime
12:00 -2:00 PM: Kennel Rest time, mealtime if needed and half day drop off or pick up 

1:00-2:00pm: Closed
2:00 - 5:00PM: Playtime
5:00-6:15PM: Pick up time.

LATE PICK UP past 6:15 will result in your dog being brought over to boarding for the night

Backyard Playcare Pricing

paw print_clipped_rev_1.png
paw print_clipped_rev_1.png

One dog full day

One dog half day

Off the leash playtime 100% supervised


Indoor and outdoor playrooms

Mid day treat with rest time in kennel or suite

Belly rubs throughout the day

IP live cameras available to watch your dog play


Off the leash playtime 100% supervised


Indoor and outdoor playrooms

Mid day treat with rest time in kennel or suite

Belly rubs throughout the day

IP live cameras available to watch your dog play


Puppy in Red Cushion

The Amenities Menu

Make their stay that much better with our Backyard Amenities! A nice addition that can make a big difference!

* Full day can not be split into 2 half days

Playcare Packages

5 day.....$122.50
10 day.....$237.50
20 day.....$460.00
30 day....$660.00

To buy credits, log in to your customer portal on Revelation Pets and click on the credits portion. You can also call or email us and we can set a credit package up for you!


Lunch (Nutrisource)


Peanut Butter Filled Kong 

*Rates base on per dog per day


Vaccination Requirements

Dogs 4 months or older need to have an updated copy of these vaccines...






New to Playcare? What to expect...

*Your dogs first intro to playcare will be nice and easy for them, we limit the amount of dogs we introduce them to at first so they don't feel overwhelmed. Once we get a feel for how your dog interacts with others we will slowly integrate them into the larger play group keeping a watchful eye for any uncomfort. 
*The next step is to leave your dog with us for at least 3 hours so we can really get a feel for their personality, and we can determine whether they are a good fit for our playcare.

*Dogs must be social, friendly and enjoy being around other dogs. Dogs must be non-aggressive and not exhibit signs of prey drive or have resource guarding issues.

Health and Safety

Our experienced staff will ensure your pet is cared for like their own. With firm Vaccine protocols and strict cleaning and health standards, you can enjoy your vacation and not have any worries about your four legged family members!

Dogs with any kind of stitches or open wound are not allowed to be in playcare, until they are fully healed.

Our staff is also trained in pet first aid and pet CPR training.

Flea and Tick / Health

Dogs must be flea and tick free and in good health. If your dog is showing signs of illness like coughing, sneezing, diarrhea or any other concerning symptoms, the Backyard would like you to keep your dog at home for the safety of the entire facility.


If you want your dog to have a lunch or snack during rest time, we highly recommend bringing your pet’s own food. We feel it is better for their health to maintain a consistent diet. Please bring the pet food in a airtight container with directions for feeding. Also please no glass, for the safety of our guest.

Special food that requires refrigeration or microwave can be prepared also.

If you forget or don't have your pet's food with you, our house food is a Super Premium kibble from Nutrisource. Available for $1.50 a meal.

Spayed and Neutered 

Dogs 7 months of age need to be spayed or neutered for playcare.

Leash / ID Tags Policy

Dogs must be brought in with a collar and a non retractable leash. For playcare their collars will be removed and kept in a cubby until it's time to go home for safety reasons. 

Drop Off & PickUp

Drop Off/Pick up Times

M-F   7:15 - 9:00am




Cancellation Policy

We need 24 hours notice of a cancellation or a charge for the day of playcare.

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