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Deer plots and Wildlife Mixes


Eagle Seed

Eagle Seed features a full lineup of spring, summer, and fall mixes. They are also known for their unique forage soybeans. These soybeans are huge plants that stay green much longer than the ag soybeans in area fields. 

J & L allows you to choose what to plant with our custom mixtures. 

Only have one acre? No problem, only purchase what you need!

Clovers, brassicas, and grasses are available per lb. This allows you to plant your food plot exactly the way you want to plant it!

J & L Custom Mixes

Brier Ridge food plot seed has been formulated to provide superior performance in establishing, attracting and keeping those trophy bucks, turkeys and other upland birds on your property. From premium quality food plot seed to food plot management, we have you covered.

Brier Ridge Plot Seed

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