Deer plots and Wildlife Mixes

deer plot bulk

Bulk Seed is available per lb and 50# bags

Red Clover

Ladino White Clover

White Dutch Clover


Purple Top Turnips

Daikon Radishes

Rape Seed


J & L is now an Eagle Seeds dealer! Everything from Forage Soybeans to Fall Plot Mixes from Eagle Seed!

Salt Blocks and
Mineral Blocks

Kandy Apple Block

Wildlife Poultry Block

White Salt Block

Trace Mineral Salt

Trophy Mineral Rocks


Eagle Seed 

Broadside Fall Forage Blend 1/2 acre

Broadside Fall Forage Blend 1/4 acre

Smorgasbord (Fall Blend) 50 lb. 1 bag per acre
Buffalo (Fall Blend) 1/2 acre

Large Lad 43lb. 1 acre

Big Fellow 47 lb. 1 acre


Call in for special orders, questions or concerns

Forage Soybeans