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The Backyard is in search of a Professional Groomer with Experience or Certification is a plus to work in our Dog Grooming Division at The Backyard in Perham, MN. 

Individual must be reliable, capable, team-oriented individual with a solid understanding of the pet and grooming industry. 

Candidates should possess the following skills and qualifications: 

• 1-3 years dog grooming, certification, or previous grooming experience.

• Excellent attendance track record is a must.

• Lover of dogs with patience, understanding, a gentle touch & friendly nature.

• Reliable & trustworthy with time management skills.

Position responsibilities: 

• Grooming dogs of all sizes.

• Nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal glands.

• Interest or skill in styling - including clipping, scissoring, etc.

• Brushing and de-matting along with de-shedding.

• Lifting and carrying dogs into the bathing tub, stall, and onto grooming table.

• Cleaning, laundry, and general dog handling.

• Scheduling, rescheduling, and reminder calls.


Please send your Resume and Letter of References to:
The Backyard
105 9th Ave. N.E.
Perham, MN. 56573

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