Lic Tubs

Form-A-Lic tubs provide consistent, quality nutrient consumption in an economical package.

  • Palatable

  • Weatherized

  • Premium nutrition

  • All Tubs are 250lb.

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Mineral Lic

Complete, balanced mineral designed to complement cattle on pasture, dry-lot, legume or grass forages. Fiber digester added to stimulate fiber digestion and utilization of forage.  Designed for cattle only.

Dry Cow Lic

Formulated for dairy and beef cows in early or late stages of a dry period. Highly fortified with organic trace minerals. All-natural protein designed to maintain consistent intakes.

All-Purpose 14

Balanced protein product designed to support late season pastures or when low quality forages are fed.  This product contains added Vitamins A, D, & E and used when forages are below acceptable nutritional levels.  Offers flexibility in feeding applications.

Stalk Buster 30

Protein supplement for stalk grazing or range feeding. Products are highly fortified to “bridge-the-nutritional gap” for cattle on low quality forages.  Easy and convenient to use and formulated to provide consistent intake.

Bovine Stress Lic

High-energy, free-choice supplement fortified to meet the stress challenges of shipping, weaning, breeding, or commingling cattle. Formulated with high levels of vitamins, organic trace minerals, and digestible ingredient sources. Designed for beef and dairy cattle.

MLS #12 IGR Tub w/Altosid

A Nutritional Supplement containing S-Methoprene insect growth regulator for continuous feeding to cattle through the horn fly season. Prevent Adult horn fly emergence from manure of treated cattle

Sheep Lic 125lb.

Designed specifically for sheep and goats. A nutritional supplement that can be fed with various forage feeding programs.  Highly fortified with vitamins, chelated trace minerals, and B-vitamins.