Squirrel Chaser is a highly palatable blend of minerals, vitamins, natural chemicals, and more for the use in a dog's everyday life. Sprinkle over top of the dog food once a day for better health and mobility!

Developed by an Microbiologist, Veterinarian, and a Nutritionist, Squirrel Chaser offers the most well rounded Hip & Joint supplement on the market. Squirrel Chaser's unique formula works best for dogs of all ages. See improvements in inflammation, pain, bone development, and much more! Rebuild Fluid and Cartilage! This packed full supplement will help improvement Hip & Joint function with One Teaspoon a day. Look no farther for THE BEST Hip & Joint Supplement on the market! 



Squirrel Chaser

Net Wt. 250 gm
Net Wt. 150 gm

Vitamin C                        24 mg

Calcium                          45 mg

Magnesium                    19 mg

Potassium                      31 mg

Glucosamine                357 mg

Chondroitin                   238 mg

Hyaluronic acid             28 mg

MSM                               238 mg

Bromelain                      24 mg

Protease                         24 mg

Lipase                            24 mg

Dried chicken liver powder, Dextrose monohydrate, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Calcium chelate, Potassium chloride, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Bromelain, Protease, Lipase, Magnesium proteinate, Tannic acid, Silica.


Add as a top dress on dog food. Feed at the rate of 1 level scoop (1 teaspoon) per day. Squirrel Chaser works on any type of dog food. Do not sprinkle Squirrel chaser in a water dish. If your dog is a picky eater, mix into dog food or shake up in a zip lock bag.



  • VITAMIN C - It helps the body make collagen, an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is needed for healing wounds, and for repairing and maintaining bones and teeth. It also helps the body absorb iron from nonheme sources.

  • CALCIUM - Chelated Calcium is calcium that has been combined chemically with amino acids to form complexes that are more easily absorbed by the body. Calcium helps rebuild the bones in the body. Its effective for osteoporosis and increasing bone strength.

  • MAGNESIUM - Is a mineral that's crucial to the body's function. Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady.

  • POTASSIUM -An electrolyte, conducts electricity in the body, crucial for heart function, skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function.

  • GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE - Is a chemical found in the body. It is used by the body to produce a variety of other chemicals that are involved in building tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and the thick fluid that surrounds joints. Joints are cushioned by the fluid and cartilage that surround them. In some people with osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down and becomes thin. This results in more joint friction, pain, and stiffness. Researchers think that taking glucosamine supplements may either increase the cartilage and fluid surrounding joints or help prevent breakdown of these substances, or maybe both. Some researchers think the "sulfate" part of glucosamine sulfate is also important. Sulfate is needed by the body to produce cartilage. This is one reason why researchers believe that glucosamine sulfate might work better than other forms of glucosamine such as glucosamine hydrochloride or N-acetyl glucosamine. These other forms do not contain sulfate.

  • CHONDROITIN SULFATE - is a chemical that is normally found in cartilage around joints in the body. Chondroitin sulfate is usually manufactured from animal sources, such as shark and cow cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate is used for osteoarthritis. It is often used in combination with other ingredients, including manganese ascorbate, glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, or N-acetyl glucosamine.

  • HYALURONIC ACID - is a substance that is naturally present in the body. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints. The hyaluronic acid that is used as medicine is extracted from rooster combs or made by bacteria in the laboratory. Take hyaluronic acid for various joint disorders, including osteoarthritis.

  • METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE(MSM) - is a chemical found in green plants, animals, and humans. It can also be made in a laboratory. MSM for chronic pain, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation around the joints (bursitis), tendinitis, swelling around the tendons (tenosynovitis), musculoskeletal pain, muscle cramps, hardened skin condition called scleroderma, scar tissue, hair loss, protection against sun/wind burn, eye inflammation, oral hygiene, gum disease, wounds, cuts, and abrasions/accelerated wound healing.

  • BROMELAIN - Seems to cause the body to produce substances that fight pain and swelling (inflammation). Bromelain also contains chemicals that interfere with the growth of tumor cells and slow blood clotting. Bromelain seems to cause the body to produce substances that fight pain and swelling (inflammation). Bromelain used in this way seems to reduce pain and improve knee function in animals with arthritis.

  • PROTEASE - Reduces the protein cleavage to smaller particle size components such as peptide and amino acids for increased nutrient absorption by active transport. Any of numerous enzymes that hydrolyze proteins and are classified according to the most prominent functional group (as serine or cysteine) at the active site—called also proteinase.

  • LIPASE - Supplements the inherent system in the breakdown of fats and lipids, also increases the bio availability of fat soluble vitamins. This feature is determined to be very beneficial because the majority of the lipase is produced by the pancreas, this is one of the first organs to decrease activity during stress conditions.